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Fairly productive day

Along with another "exciting" day at work, we did get some progress on several fronts.

I spent some quality time working on the maps for The Silver March and nearly have the main country's map finished. Just adding in the elevation lines and deciding where exactly the villages and crop lands are. (yes, I tend to be rather anal-retentive when it comes to map making. I blame it on the fact my father was an engineer with the State Highway Department and that I learned to read maps almost as soon as I could read books.) One more map to go and that part is done.

But, to prove I'm not just wasting time doing maps, I outlined the first seven chapters to The Silver March while we were waiting for my wife's writing group to have their monthly meeting. We also reviewed a very nice beginning to a YA story and the feedback for the author was useful and taken in the manner in which it was offered, which is a very nice change from some feedback sessions I've attended with other groups.

Once I got home this evening, I picked up the Chronicles of the Sea Dragon (already in progress) and hammered out the opening sequence for Chapter 10. With a little luck, I'll finish the chapter by the end of the week and that will complete the opening act for this book.

Also, supposed to meet with April tomorrow night on Skype to go over what she's done on Chapter 5 of Shattered Mirror. I have an idea where I'm going to go with Chapter 6, but it all depends on where she leaves me at the end of her chapter. I've been having a lot of fun collaborating with her on this book, but the alternating chapter system does make it a little difficult to write ahead. Plot ahead, yes, write ahead, no.

And now, it's time for bed.

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