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Got some more work done today on writing projects. Wrote up a quick synopsis for a novel I'd like to work on one of these days. It's not a query . . . way to much so and so is the king of X and he has designs on V who only wants to be left alone to run his kingdom but the Z empire nearby is doing Q. That sort of stuff. Still it gives me the basic idea of what I want to do with it, sets up the motivation for the five major players in the game and I could easily build an outline from that.

Which is probably what I'll do tomorrow at work if it's slow.

Also, responded to a question from the editor I sent the pitch to last night and followed it up by sending him my CV and a writing sample since he wasn't familiar with my earlier work. (All right, people, stop with the fake fainting spells already!) Still it was a chance to get a little face time in with him.

Also got another seven CD's uploaded (2 Mannheim Steamroller Fresh Aire CDs to write to and five classic rock CDs to jam to). Life is good.


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Jun. 22nd, 2007 02:21 pm (UTC)
As an idle question, how much world-building do you do before you have a story idea ready to sell? How do you accomplish world building? Cuz I'm looking a little hard at a post-it-note on my computer desk, and thinking that it might be a good thing to actually get my butt moving on doing something constructive with my time instead of reading fanfiction. Advice would be appreciated, since I know I'm nowhere near having a decent story yet. All I've got is a sixth grade dream that's been edited and added to, but still sounds like a pre-teen/teen's story. Gag worthy. :P
Jun. 22nd, 2007 03:22 pm (UTC)
It depends on what kind of story I'm trying to put together.

For Chronicles, I've been developing this world since 1994. I have six maps of varying detail of the archipelago and specific islands where major events are going to take place, a listing of all the islands (and most of their names), the monetary system, the various pantheons used, the calendar sytems, the major guilds and who's in and out of power at the current time, I've assigned names to the royal houses in the archipelago as well as deciding who's the real power behind the thrones (where appropriate).

This is, as they say in the service, overkill.

Now, will all of this make it into my initial book? OH, HELL NO! Still, by having all this detail, it makes the world of the Endless seem that much more real to me. It's easier to see how events I'm writing about fit into the grand scheme of things.

And still, there was world building I needed to do . . . I didn't write down all the major crew members of the Sea Dragon, so I find myself having to page back through chapters to remember what I named the helmsman or the quartermaster. Most aggravating. *frown*

For The Silver March, the story I wrote about yesterday, so far, all my world building fits on two sheets of typed paper. I'll need to make three maps (one that shows all the major kingdoms, one that shows the main protagonist's region and one where the fighting will take place . . .just so I can keep things straight in my head direction-wise. Plus, it never hurts to have cool land features and points of interest. Eventually, I'll need to come up with names of major antagonists and maybe a few village names (easier to come up with them ahead of time than trying to make them up on the fly - I've learned my lesson from Chronicles).

Still, with Lynx, there was very little world building. Since it's set in an alternate world where people actually do have super-powers, all I had to do was develop how the government handled them, who some of the major villians were and how would the "official" and "vigilante" heroes interact. So, what world building I've done is figuring out the differences between their world and ours.

This might be worth expanding into a post of its own.
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