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Father's Day and Galleys

I guess Father's Day started a little early for me. We went out to see the Fantastic Four movie last night with another couple (having dropped the daughter-unit off at a sleepover). It was kind of fun having an adults-only night out. Enjoyed the movie (I would have dropped a few things in the middle to punch up the ending, but all in all, it was enjoyable. Went out for dinner afterward and wound up not getting home much before midnight.

wishweaver let me sleep in a bit this morning and I enjoyed every second of it. We picked up the daughter-unit from her sleepover and went into Baltimore to do some shopping for Dad. Hmm, I'm still trying to figure out why the majority of the stuff we came home with was for the other two members of this family, but I did pick up a new wine rack at Crate and Barrel and wishweaver is promising me a new Weber grill, so I have a present en route.

I'm 90% done with the galley edits on Redshift (just noticed another minor correction glancing at the page *sigh*), so I'll have this to Marco in the morning.

Now, to finish the Doctor Who proposal I need to get in the mail by the 1st and accomplish the other tasks on my list from a few days ago.
Tags: editing, holidays, redshift, star trek

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