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Back on the air


Laptop rebuilt and programs replaced? Check
iTunes library rebuilt? Not yet.
Stack of CDs standing by to start reloading iTunes library? Check
Drop Comcast Cable for internet connection? Check
Add Verizon FIOS for internet connection? Check
Replace all writing projects on hard drive? Check
Back up all writing projects on thumb drive AND external hard drive? Check

To Do:

Finish reviewing galleys
Start writing on Chronicles
Finish editing Lynx query letter for Val
Prepare The Demon's Head to submit to F&SF and/or Realms of Fantasy
Participate in Codex more
Get Bio put together for Victoria Strauss to be put on the Writer's Beware web site
Renew P.O. Box
Decide whether or not to renew SFWA membership

Tags: agents, editing, projects, proposals, publishers, sfwa, writing
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