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Another good day of writing

I had a small realization the other day. Since I received my contract from Big Finish and cashed the advance check, I guess I'm now an "internationally published writer". *grin* Well, the credit union wasn't quite certain what to do when I presented them a check for X pounds sterling, that's for certain. OK, it's only a short story, but still, it sounds impressive, doesn't it?

Must have done something for me though, since I knocked out another good evenings worth of writing on Chronicles of the Sea Dragon. Finished up the big fight scene, sent the opponent's ship to the bottom of the sea, but my poor crew is now being accused of being pirates. It'll be up to the valiant captain to talk his way out of this one.

This fight sets up the real conflict in the story, forcing the opponents who've been dogging the crew's trail all book out into the open and I get to bring a character I've introduced earlier in the book back into the spotlight. I'm looking forward to the next section of the story. < kenshin >That I am.< /kenshin >

Also, began reading a book I picked up at the Smithsonian a few months ago entitled, War at Sea in the Age of Sail, 1650 - 1850 by Andrew Lambert. Even though he's discussing warfare with cannons, I can see a lot of applicability to the story I'm writing in a world without gunpowder. Early ship to ship combat relied on wearing down your opponents and boarding actions were usually required for decisive decisions except in huge battles between entire fleets. Another good resource for people thinking about writing naval/pirate fantasy.

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