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Lloyd Alexander, RIP

Lloyd Alexander passed away yesterday at the age of 82.

He was one of my favorite fantasy authors. I can remember my sixth-grade teacher reading the entire Chronicles of Prydain to us right after lunch, one chapter a day. It was my first "real" exposure to fantasy and between it and J.R.R. Tolkien's works, I think they influenced my desire to become a historian, specifically a medieval historian, when I was in college.

I was reading through his obit in the Washington Post today and discovered he also served in WWII in the Army and was in counterintelligence. I've noted a number of Fantasy and SF writers (as well as comic book people) have previous military experience, but I'm always amazed to find another former military intelligence person who's also a F/SF writer.

His wife, Janine, passed on May 2 of this year. They'd been married 62 years. As someone who's only been married 16 years, I'm in awe of that and look forward to trying to break that record (Means I have to live to 94 and wishweaver has to put up with me for another 46 years. *grin*)

I think I need to swing by the bookstore tonight and pick up a new copy of the Chronicles of Prydain. Been meaning to get the daughter-unit started on them and this seems like as good a time as any.

Here's a glass raised for a fellow "Silent Warrior" and a damn fine author.

So long, Lloyd. You'll be missed.
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