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Editing, my favorite job

Took The Price of Conviction with me to work, thinking if nothing else, I could get some of the final edits done while I was having lunch.

What was I thinking!?

Holy guacamole, the hovna really hit the spinning metal appliance today at work. Nothing major, but lots and lots and lots of little things going wrong that demanded my attention and my supervisor trying to micro-manage from across the street. If it wasn't someone calling for one of the testers (no matter how many times we gave the phone number where the testers were located to people, they always seemed to call us first), then it was my supervisor wanting to have "the latest status". Geez, if there's been a change, I promise we'll call you. Aaauugh!

So, I managed to get one page edited before I got home this evening. Luckily for me, I made a deal with mollymorrison who's a much faster typist than I am. I'm editing on hard copy and she's transcribing my edits onto the file. It's going much faster than I had hoped and certainly much faster than I could do on my own.

Still, I've only reached page 26 on the edits tonight at this point. I'm not planning on going to sleep until I get this finished tonight, but since she's off from work tomorrow, she'll have time to finish the typing. That'll give me time when I get home tomorrow after work to give it one last sanity check before sending it off to kradical, in between meeting with a realtor (we're debating whether it would make more financial sense to remodel the house or to just buy a new one) and meeting my Astronomy Lab partners at Lake Elkhorn tomorrow night at 9pm.

I haven't cut as much out of the story as I had hoped at this point. I've trimmed a few areas, but a beta reader suggested I needed a little more work in one area, so what I've gained in cuts, I've added back in as more details elsewhere. *sigh*

Still, it's good to put another story to bed, so to speak.

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