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Getting there


Finished all the paperwork that my company needed.
Made it through class Wednesday night (although test not handed back yet). Preparing for test next Wednesday.
Made arrangements to make up missed lab work next Monday
Finished History project revisions and mailed out to the project manager.
Survived another week at work.

To do:
Put paperwork for my company into the internal mail system on way home (I work at a client site, not the office).
Pack palm-top computer, accessories, floppy keyboard, thumb drives and other convention stuff.
Repack suitcase to add an additional days worth of clothes.
Drive to Richmond
Find a hotel room.
Get to Doubletree by 8am on Friday to go to High School to have my first Ravencon Panel with the Senior English Classes.
Finish edits on The Price of Conviction.
Talk to an editor about possible home for Lynx.
Try not to drink too much over the weekend.
Try not to fall asleep driving home on Sunday.
Try to have fun at the convention

Yep, that's about it.
Tags: conventions, editing, history, life, projects, proposals, work, writing
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