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Astronomy and Time Lords

Well, I had my second test in Astronomy tonight. Tell the truth, I have no clue how I did. The test was strictly from the book. There was no reason for me to have taken notes the past few weeks, which is frustrating, since I tend to rely on my notes primarily. (My history professors never used the book. If you missed lecture, you were at sea when it came time for the test, so attendance was highly recommended.)

I may have done very well, I may have bombed. I think I did O.K., but I don't have a warm fuzzy right now.


I took advantage of a slow day at work to try and get some research in on my history project, (more to come on that subject at a later date) and also wrote on The Price of Conviction. The words seemed to flow for me when I had time to get a few paragraphs in here and there. Retyped everything into the master document tonight after class and I'm pretty happy with how it's coming together. The ending is not what I thought it would be when I initially envisioned this project, but I'm pleased.

Now, if only my editor will be . . . *nervously glances around*

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