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Phase II Complete

Well, after much gnashing of teeth and frothing at the mouth, I finally finished the edits on the History project at 4:00pm. Let's just say, it took quite a bit of cutting to whittle it down from 1930 words to 1632. It's much easier to cut something from 157,000 words to 109,000 words over a six month span than to cut almost 300 words (15% reduction) less than 24 hours.

See, in a huge story, there's always subplots, threads that can be lifted out whole cloth and saved for another story, etc. In an already lean history tale, you have to be very careful to trim fat and not cut out the muscles and bones of the story . . . especially when the subject is famous for more than one thing.

Still, I had a 10% leeway, one side or the other, so 1630 just squeaks in.

It's at the project manager's now. I doubt I'll hear anything before Monday at the earliest, Tuesday or Wednesday is probably more likely.

Hurry up and wait . . . I knew all that Army training was going to come in handy someday.
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