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Long winded

I knew I was a tad long winded. Never been one to tell a story in four words when eleven will do.

However, that sometimes comes back to bite me as a writer. I've got my table of contents done for the history project that I have to turn in tomorrow and I have my first chapter done.

Unfortunately, they're supposed to be between 1000 - 1500 words long. This draft? Initial word count, 1930 words. Current word count? 1859. Still need to trim a minimum of 300 words out of the document before I submit it tomorrow.

I think I'm going to sleep on it tonight and have wishweaver give it a going over tomorrow morning. She'll mail the results to me and I'll finish revisions at lunch and get it en route. The project coordinator will review it and then get back to me on what revisions she wants and I'll fix this and do the second sample chapter. After that, it'll be off to the packager and see what revisions they want.

Then the real fun starts . . . waiting to see if a publisher actually picks up this project or not, and if they do, how long are they going to give me to get the rest of the book done?

So many questions, so much editing to do.

Still, words is words and putting them on paper is a "good" thing.

Night, LJ!

Words for Today
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
1,930 / 1,000

Progress on History Project
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1,930 / 1,500

Words for the Year
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35,612 / 365,000
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