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The setup is complete

Got quite a bit of work done on The Price of Conviction tonight. I've set up the big reveal/climax for the story and now it's just a matter of writing the last scene and then the wrap-up. Hopefully, I'll have this finished by this weekend, so I have plenty of time to edit and revise before I have to turn it in.

I'm a little aggravated at myself for losing so much of March. It just seemed that once I lost my momentum earlier this year, it's just been a pain to get going again. Thank goodness for deadlines to help provide that motivation. (Boy, am I having flashbacks to my first time through college now.)

I made some progress on the history project today. I have about half the table of contents done and I'm pretty happy with the choices I've made for the book. Talked to Steve Roman this evening to get some advice on a few things that I think need to be ironed out before I go too much further on the project. Nothing that's a show stopper, but as always, until the contract actually shows up, everything is "fluid".

Still, it feels good to start stringing words together.

Words for Today
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1,946 / 1,000

Progress on The Price of Conviction
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8,525 / 10,000

Words for the Year
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Apr. 4th, 2007 12:29 pm (UTC)
Congratulations on your progress!
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