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Wild Week

This has been a strange week for me.

After the non-Lunacon weekend, I had a hellacious week at work. No, no gross stupidity on anyone's part, but we're fielding a new system and everyone and their uncle has been second-guessing Tom and me as we work the help desk, making sure we're aware of any little glitch so the techs can jump on it. Plus, there've been two retirements, so half the office has been gone at any one time at this luncheon or that one.

The good thing about this past week was I received a Team Appreciation Award last Thursday. A very nice plaque and a nice little envelope that went along with it. I took advantage of that little surprise this weekend at the Baltimore Coin Show.

Yes, I've gotten back into Numismatics after all these years of not being able to afford it. I don't have much left of my collection from when I was in HS/College. Sold most of it off to pay bills and such back in the 80s. Still enjoy old coins though. (Must be the historian in me peaking through once again.) I picked up several coins from the 1800s (The Draped Bust Half Dollar from 1834 is probably my favorite piece) as well as adding a few more Morgan and Peace Dollars to my collection. If anyone is interested, I'll try and take a few photos and post them.

My partner Tom took Friday off to go to the show before it got crowded. Of course, that's the day the bull feces had to hit the spinning metal blades. Everyone and their uncle needed something from the help desk and it had to be done today. I think I managed to get to lunch around 1:25 (cafeteria closes at 1:30) and did reports that are normally done by 9:30 around 3pm. Nothing serious, nothing very difficult, just lots and lots and lots of requests for my time. If Tom had been there, it would have been cake, but I think I took more phone calls on Friday than I had taken the entire month of February. I've already told Tom he's not allowed any sick days or leave until the system is completely up and running. (So, of course, he had a sick day today. Aarrgh!)

Needless to say, I've been coming home rather brain-dead the past several nights. I've sat down to write, but nothing until this evening. I'm not going to post my word count for tonight, because I spent half my writing time re-reading my stuff and trying to remember exactly where I was going with these stories. Still, it felt good to put words to paper. I'm so far off on my writing goals for 2007, but I'm hoping to get back in gear one of these days.

And . . . there's another writing opportunity appearing on the horizon. Don't know too much about it yet, but it could be very interesting on top of my current commitments. More to follow as I can talk about it.

Time to hit the sack. Daughter-unit's B-Day is tomorrow, so we'll be doing some gift giving/dining out/shopping tomorrow after school and work, I'm certain.

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