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The non-Lunacon Report

Lots of time spent with family being lazy. Shopping, running around, eating out, just spending time together.

Made reservations for BEA and got a hotel closer and cheaper than the "official" BEA hotels (3 blocks beats the hell out of walking 2.5 miles). Need to check into cost of Train to NYC from Baltimore and see if flying or training would be better . . . leaning toward flying since I already have a credit with AirTran that has to be used left over from the Arisia fiasco.

Played some Final Fantasy XII this weekend.

Watched some of the Adam-12 and Dragnet that wishweaver downloaded from iTunes.

Preparing for a double class tonight (have to make up last week's lab due to illness) - 6pm to 1030pm. *yeah*

Finished first half of project for Writer Beware.

Outlined a story idea.

Finished my writing vacation. Time to finish the next project on my plate.

Will be posting my RavenCon schedule soon. Hopefully, I'll actually make that convention. . . . *aarrgghh!*
Tags: classes, conventions, family, general, planning, tv shows

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