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Lazy days in May

Since I can't deliver Coventry to the betas until tomorrow, I decided to relax some today and then work on Harbinger. Didn't do anything too exciting today, did a little web surfing, watched NFL Europe on the TV today (football season can NOT get here soon enough) and basically hung out with the family.

I did update my web site today (finally). Been a little remiss in doing so, but hopefully it'll be easier to deal with now. I still haven't ported over the anime cels that I've been meaning to add to the sister site (, but one minor disaster at a time. ;)

As I mentioned earlier, I started working on Harbinger again. It's amazing how much you can forget in two months. I was so wrapped up in Coventry that when I started to work tonight, I was having to spend serious time going back through the story wondering what the hell I was intending to do when I stopped working on it. It took me a good thirty minutes before I remembered why the meeting that was supposed to happen was so important to the story. I'll blame it on putting so much of my attention to the SCE story. (That, or the fact most of my writing stuff is still packed away upstairs from when we put the flooring in.)

I did get in 1053 words tonight, even with the other distractors. Also, I checked out the submissions page of the publisher I'm hoping will be interested in the story. They were originally requesting stories between 135,000 and 150,000. Now, they want 100,000 to 150,000. I figure I'll split the difference in the first draft and see what happens from there. It may be better to go a little higher and cut, but for now, 125,000 will be my initial goal.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
44,043 / 125,000

Music listened to: Journey - Don't Stop Believing

Web Site of Note: Dream Weaver Press. They are independent comic publishers and put out Tall Tails, a very enjoyable story. If you get a chance to check out their work, please do so. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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