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. . . well, mostly a writer's housecleaning anyway.

Submitted my preferences for panels at RavenCon (O.K. a day late, but they're en route) and got my hotel reservations for the show. I'd love to have that first floor room I had last year, but registering this late, I expect I'm up in the far corner on the top floor. *sigh*

Just submitted my guest application for Dragon*Con. Yes, I've been a guest since 1992 (12 out of 14 shows), but every year, I still feel like it's a crap shoot whether I'm going to get in or not, especially the way the show is growing. I had a lot of fun moderating the anime panels there last year, but I understand there's a new anime program director and I haven't seen who it is yet. I think I did OK last year (no one in the audience got up and left or threw things at me, so that's a good sign). I've sent queries to the Writer Track and TrekTrak program directors also, but nothing back from them yet.

Also, finally got around to finally registering for Codex tonight. I intend to get involved with their critiques and such once I get the Doctor Who story out of the way. It looks like it's going to be a very useful resource as well as an opportunity to get to meet other new writers as well as a few grizzled pros.

The web site will be updated this weekend, but I'm tired of being productive tonight. Time to slug a bit and then bed.

Also, I may have to stay at work a little late tomorrow night. I got word from my administrative supervisor that another contract was interested in taking me away from the one I'm working on, but I need to update my internal resume. I think that's easily done. *grin*

I had a short discussion with kradical about the story I'm doing for him. At the end of the e-mails, I bounced one of the little asides I want to use in the story and he seemed to enjoy it. Getting a chortle out of your editor when you're doing a joke is a good thing in my mind. *huzzah!*

Come to think of it, I did get a little writing done. I wrote about a page and a half on my historical fantasy at work today when it was slow, but as I've stated before, until I get it on the computer, I don't count those as words for the day. Right now, what's slowing me down is getting the right names for the characters. I'm using some place holders now, but as soon as I decide on their names, their personalities will focus for me.

That happened for my Gauntlet novels. Once I decided the wizard was named Morgan, his whole personality seemed to gel and I was able to develop a bit of a back story for him . . . especially since there was none that I could find from Midway. Same for Layla, Orlando and Kore.

OH, and I just saw my friend, Tee Morris was mentioned in an article in the New York Times Book section regarding podcasting and Podiobooks. They put up a link to the prologue to his fantasy story Morevi (which I recommend, btw). Nice little article and Tee says the hits on Podiobooks has definitely spiked since the article came out. Huzzah, Tee!

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