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Samurai, stress and kittens

Oh yeah, and some writing too.

I've recently finished a very interesting book called Hagakure - The Way of the Samurai and have just started The Lone Samurai - The Life of Miyamoto Musashi. Both have been very well written and both touch not only on the samurai as a warrior, but all the other things that go with the idea of the samurai as a retainer. The samurai had to subsume himself in order to serve his master well, being not only willing to fight and die for his master, but to honor his master in everything he did. Duty and honor were very powerful motivators, which drove the samurai to attempt to excel in everything, whether it was sword work or calligraphy or painting or whatever he set out to do.

Of course, not everyone lived up to this "ideal" and let's face it, after five hundred years, everything looks a little better than it probably did when it was actually happening. Still, they're good books to use when preparing to do a historical fantasy set in medieval Japan. And, with my interest in kendo, reading about one of the greatest swordsmen in Japanese history seems like a natural thing to do.

Besides, reading about someone wielding a sword and smiting his enemies is probably a lot more theraputic than actually taking a sword to my oppressors (aka, people I work with). Now, people at work are going nuts because we have some developmental testing coming up and everyone wants to be certain that everything goes smoothly. That's typical. However, they're getting in each other's way trying to ensure everything IS perfect, thereby ensuring nothing is. And as usual, the help desk is caught in the middle. Plus, we're doing everything we can do to avoid being caught in the crossfire in a spat between a couple of the higher ranking people in our office. Let's just say, things were tense on Tuesday, got really tense today and I think they're going to come to a head tomorrow and I really don't want to be there when it does happen.

One of our two little kittens got the house in an uproar when I got home. Apparently he'd snuck out of the house while wishweaver was bringing in the recycling bin and no one noticed he was gone until I got home about an hour and a half later. After searching everywhere in the house, we decided to look outside. Sure enough, right by the corner of the house, I spotted little kitty tracks leading toward our back yard. We carefully walked through the iced side yard and at the gate leading into the back yard, I heard some plaintive mewing, but it was coming from our neighbor's yard. We went into their back yard and lo and behold, there was Crookshanks, hiding underneath their porch, just yowling up a storm.


Luckily, we think he hadn't been out too long. He wasn't cold enough to have been outside all day since we'd left for work. He seemed sutibly chastised for about thirty minutes, but as soon as we opened the door to go out for dinner this evening, he was haunting around the door again. Seems he has selective memory when it comes to doing things he "thinks" he wants to do. Baka neko-chan.

I didn't get quite as much writing done tonight as I had hoped, but I got some done. Wish is taking a look at Redshift for me and hopes to have the edits done by the time Farpoint is over, if not sooner. I know Marco said he wanted the story by the 21st, but the contract calls for the story being done on the 28th. I may ask him for that extra week to give the story one more scrubbing after Wish's. We'll see how it looks after she gets done with it.

Looks like the Zokutou site is down and I have no clues for how long. *sigh* So, I'll be borrowing the plain banners for now.

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