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Where did the weekend go?


I am so behind schedule right now, it's not even funny.

Friday night, I got home from work, wandered upstairs, sat down beside the cat and the next thing I know, wishweaver is waking me up. My friend, April, whom I'm writing Shattered Mirror with, had just arrived. She had been on a business trip to Tampa and had just flown in to BWI. She was going to spend the night with us since we had planned to get together on Saturday anyway to work on our story. So, we had a nice dinner, spent some time visiting and then she and Joni watched Shall We Dance with mollymorrison and I vegetated and went to bed fairly early.

Saturday, well, let's see. First off, Wish was leaving at 4:20pm for a business trip herself. I was awoken when she couldn't find her business credit card. We deconstructed the house in order of where it was last and did find it, but she was a tad stressed out by then. I got some work on Shattered Mirror done with April in between trying to help Wish with last minute packing, dealing with the daughter-unit's homework (or lack of progress there-un), and other assorted familial duties. April gave Chapter Three a good going over, though and I have some good ideas on where to go on the rewrite. We're going to try and get together in February and hopefully, we'll have all of the first four chapters rewritten by then, so we can give them a good scrubbing.

As the afternoon progressed, we got Wish out the door, stopped and grabbed lunch and dropped her off at the airport. Got back to the house and I had the daughter-unit open the house while I carried in the left-overs. My daughter was going to spend the evening with her daughter, so she ran in to pack. April wasn't certain where the gas stations were here in town, so I agreed to convoy with her to the local "cheap" station as opposed to the easy to find but expensive station. Got her tanked up and on her way.

Arrived back at the house and discovered I didn't have my house keys. Apparently in all the rush, I had failed to recover them from my daughter.

Now, let's review for a second. My wife is at the airport, leaving for a conference, so her keys are inside the house since she won't need them. My daughter is in a car heading for Virginia. Molly is in D.C. at a housewarming party and I'm standing outside my house in 25 degree weather with no keys.


Luckily, I did have my cell phone. I gave Molly a call and found out she was planning on coming home around 9pm since she and sorerutenshi have a dinner date in the city after the housewarming party. No problem, I can live with this. The Mall doesn't close until 10, so I'm covered there. I give lady_cinnabar a call, but there's no answer. At the mall, I get a call back from Molly, who tells me they've changed their dinner plans and are en route to let me into the house before they meet with their friends. Lady Cinnabar calls back and we agree to meet for dinner. Then it turns out that Sorerutenshi and Molly's friend are coming up here for dinner.

(Confused yet? *grin*)

Lady Cinnabar and I hit the Indian restaurant (her first time for Indian). She enjoys it, but it's a bit spicier than she's accustomed to, so I do have plenty for lunches this next week. We all wind up back at my place where we watch All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku, which is not what you would call high drama.

So, as the evening goes along, my cold decides to get worse and once everything wraps up, I spend most of the night coughing and generally feeling miserable. I'm a tad better this morning, but I'm supposed to meet dzeytoun to have lunch and catch a movie and then drive to Virginia to pick up the daughter. Luckily for her, she doesn't have school Monday. (rassenfrassen sassenfrassen)

I project 0 words for Friday/Saturday/Sunday. Bleah.
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