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Editing and Enrolling

Well, I didn't get any new writing done, but I spent about four hours today editing Coventry, so that'll have to do. I did get the corrections to Chapter 1 typed in just in time for wishweaver to find a couple I'd missed. This is why you have someone else check your work before you finish.

I'm half-way through Chapter Nine with the edits. I hope to finish editing the first draft by tomorrow and start typing in all the changes/corrections/et cetera. I need to get as much done as I can, so we can finish cleaning the house this weekend in time for our guests to arrive for Balticon the next weekend.

Also, was up at the local Community College trying to get my transcripts reviewed so I can take some English courses this fall. They offer a pretty wide variety of courses for a JuCo, and I figure, if I'm going to try and write professionally, a little more background on the subject of "English" can't hurt.

Besides, I already have a highly useful History Degree. Might as well see about adding that useful English Degree to go along with it. At least, it'll look good on my next eval at work that I'm taking college classes toward my current position (tech writer). And, if I'm lucky, I'll get work to pay for the classes. Bwah-ha-ha! (Sorry, channeling Catbert again.)

So, no news about Harbinger, but other projects are starting to take shape.

Speaking of other projects, I did talk to an old friend, Rob Davis, who's an old comic artist tonight. He lives in my old home town back in Missouri. We used to visit on the old Compuserve "Comic and Animation" forum and he's done some coloring jobs for me before. I need to send him the cover to Chronicles of the Sea Dragon so I can get it finished and off to Preney Print. They're going to print 2000 copies of the book for me in time for San Diego Comic Con and Dragon*Con. (Course, this means I need to finish mocking up the cover, back cover and interior covers for the book (sigh).)

Music listened to: Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon Risin'

Web Site of Note: Book Expo America I would love to get to attend this show one of these days. My publisher i books has a booth there, but I don't know who's going besides a couple of the editors. From everything I've heard though, it definitely sounds like one of the places to go to meet and greet people in the industry. One of these days. . .

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