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Dinner at Deviant's Palace anyone?

Snurtched from Allyn Gibson

Prompted by a post in Unca Harlan’s Art Deco Dining Pavilion, I challenge the group to name the five fictional characters they would most like to invite to their dinner party. In the case of villains, I include the provision that they will not try to kill or eat you — and criminals can be free to tell their stories without fear of reprisal. I will also add the provision that characters will appear as they look at any stage of their lives that you prefer, and that smokers (if inveterate) will be surrounded by filters that keep the air sparkling clean. These are not necessarily your FAVORITE characters, but those who would ensure for the finest conversation; i.e., I love the play, but there’s no way on Earth I would spend a few hours being depressed by Willy Loman.

Okies - five guests for dinner

1) Sherlock Holmes
2) Rick Blane from Casablanca
3) Dr. Rappaccini from Rappaccini's Daughter by Nathaniel Hawthorne
4) Count Dracula from The Dracula Tapes by Fred Saberhagen
5) Wesley from The Princess Bride

Anyone else? *grin*
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