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First Draft of Coventry is DONE!


The fun part is over now (writing) and the less fun part (editing) begins. Time to start cutting and pasting and rewriting and editing and pulling hair and . . . Well, you get the idea.

I knocked out 1384 words tonight to reach the end. The first draft's final count is 24208 words. What the final count will be won't be known until the day I submit it to kradical, but I know where I'm starting from.

This is a good feeling! Done with plenty of time to edit unlike usual where it's panic time to get some editing done before submitting it. :)

Now, according to James MacDonald's BIC theory, here's where my life starts to get a little weird between now and July 15th. See, BIC time only counts if you're doing new work. SO, if I follow his strategy, I should be editing Coventry on my non-BIC time, while I'm doing on a new project during my BIC time. We'll have to see how that goes. It might be easier to do that if I was a full-time writer and not working at a day job.

Then again, getting back to working on Harbinger or one of the other projects I've been kicking around would be a good thing too.

Music listened to: Maynard Ferguson - Chameleon

Web Site of Note: Nick Pollotta's web site. Author of many fine works of science fiction, fantasy and insanity (Hey, if you can figure out a better way to explain
That Darn Squid God, more power to you. All I can say is, if you haven't read it, read it!

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