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Gotta love a good medieval drill sergeant.

Finished Chapter Three of Shattered Mirror tonight, adding another 1768 words to the chapter. It might need a little pruning, but I'd rather let a fight scene develop and then go back afterward to see if there are better, more concise ways of telling the same scene.

Writing about a fight is a lot like doing kendo. You have an idea of what you want to do in the fight, but you have to go with what your opponent is giving you. If you try to think to much about your fight, you wind up forcing stuff and getting tagged yourself. You have to relax, trust your training and let the opponent tip their hand. Same thing with my writing style. Better to go in and see what happens than to try and force something to an unnatural conclusion.

I had a specific outcome in mind with this scene, but I didn't know how the actual fight was going to shape up until I started typing tonight. I knew X had to die and Y and Z had to have something happen to them. Beyond that, everything else was spontaneous tonight.

Plus, I'm getting to like Braggi, my dark elven drill sergeant. I'm hoping he survives this book. I'd hate to think I wouldn't get to use him again.

Braggi's response to our intrepid trainees latest screw-up.

"Of all the knuckle-headed, fool-hearty, head-firmly-up-your-arse stunts you four have pulled, this one is one of the worst.” The grizzled elf seemed almost incapable of expressing the totality of his displeasure, but that didn’t stop him from trying. “A Barghest . . . and a Troll. Never mind what might have happened to this camp if you had been followed, or worse, captured. It’s obvious that the lot of you were dropped on your heads repeatedly as children. That’s the only explanation I can think of that would even begin to excuse the gross stupidity of your actions last night

Yep, I think I'll keep him.

As wishweaver noted on her blog, I got some pretty good news today. My Star Trek story has been passed on to the licensor for approval. With any luck, we'll get the green light and I can get started on the project. There were a few minor changes to my outline, but all in all, the editor seemed pretty happy with it (outside of my title).

Course, if licensing says go, I'm going to be a busy beaver. It'll be due 21 February 07. That means Shattered Mirror and Chronicles will have to take a back burner again, but since this is a short story, I think six weeks should be plenty of time for drafts and revisions. I'd like to have it at the 80% mark before college starts the end of this month though, so hopefully we'll here yea or nay pretty soon.

And that's still not counting the Dr. Who story we're still waiting to hear about.

Gotta love being a writer. I think that 1000 words-a-day goal may come in really handy.


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Progress on Shattered Mirror
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Jan. 9th, 2007 05:30 am (UTC)
CONGRATULATIONS on your wonderful news!!!! That's so exciting!!!

And, congrats on your words, too. You've written a lot this month already!

I'm dragging behind, I fear, but working on getting caught up. :)
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