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I love writing fight scenes

I'm really getting into Shattered Mirror ever since April came up for our writer's enclave. We've always had a pretty good feel for the story, but we really developed the characters that I'm writing right now. One guy in particular is a lot of fun because he's such a pompous ass. It's going to be so much fun sticking pins into him later in the story, but right now, I'm getting to set his character up for a fall.

Course, it probably helps that I'm (mostly) over my cold. Amazing what some fresh energy will do for the creative spirit.

I'm stopping tonight in the middle of a fight. I know, a strange place to stop, but there is this small thing about having to go to work that's encouraging me to call it a night. Bleah. Well, that just means we'll probably do Shattered Mirror tomorrow instead of Chronicles, but I need to get this fight finished while it's still fresh in my mind.

Course, it helps that I picked up some new music to write to. I found some Babylon 5 episode soundtracks on sale for $9.99, so I picked up the tracks for War Without End, Parts 1 and 2. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed the music for this show. Very nice stuff. I'll probably have to track down some more of them as time goes on.

Time to grab some sleep so I can get this fight finished tomorrow.

Words for Today</i>
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Progress on Shattered Mirror
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3,620 / 80,000

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