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Fantasy and Cartoons

Got some writing done this evening and still managed to get to the Absolute Write weekly SF/F chat. Had a great time talking with a screen writer from Belgium, a writer from Switzerland, several aspiring novelists and J. Bradford Olesker, who's not only written a number of novels, but used to be a script writer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The New Adventures of He-Man, Heathcliff, and a number of other cartoons I recall watching fondly in the 80s. He had some great anecdotes about working with Mel Blanc on a few shows. I'm hoping he'll show up for chat again.

I decided to get a scene down for Shattered Mirror tonight while I still had it in my head. I'll get back to Chronicles soon, but I want to have my two chapters done before the next time April comes up. Plus, I made the revisions to Shadows, my Star Trek Anthology proposal, and got it shipped off to Marco this evening. Now, all I can do is wait and work on other stuff to keep from worrying.

It was a productive night.

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