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Looking ahead to 2007

Well, as New Year's Day comes to a close, I guess I should post my goals for the upcoming year:

1) Write 1000 words a day. Yep, I've set a personal goal to write 365,000 words this year. Now, I realize with college and travel and stuff, it may not happen every night, but the plan is to make up for any nights missed. The 1000 words can be proposals, outlines, short stories, novellas or novels but it must be directed toward writing. School work does not count in this, so whether I'm staying up late or getting up early or writing at lunch or something, 1000 words a day must appear.

2) Finish one novel this year.

3) Finish and submit 4 short stories this year.

4) Finish this last semester and graduate from Howard Community College with my Associates in English with a 4.0.

5) Find representation for myself this year with an agent.

6) Submit two media tie-in proposals (novel, novella, short story . . . doesn't matter. What matters is that it gets in front of an editor.)

7) Keep Blog updated. I was very spotty this year keeping the blog up to date and my goal is to post something at least every other day.

8) Keep web site updated. I've been REALLY bad at this and I need to do better, especially since I'm paying for the site and the URL.

And in keeping with my first goal:

Proposal for Star Trek anthology: Shadows
Words: 1690
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
1,690 / 1,000

Words for the year:
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
1,690 / 365,000
Tags: college, editing, writing

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