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Christmas, christmas time is here . . .

Finished all the Christmas shopping. Now they tell me I'm supposed to wrap all this stuff. Bah, humbug. Oh, all right, I'll do it. However, you'd think that after all these years, I'd be better at it than I am. I've watched wishweaver wrap presents for the daughter-unit and our friends and it seems so effortless, and then when I do it, I have tape going one way, bows the other and the damn paper never quite seems to meet on the ends properly. *sigh*

But, you know, even if we didn't have a single present to exchange, it still would have been a pretty good year. We're all healthy, we've got good jobs (even if we do get annoyed from time to time), we've got a nice house and best of all, we've got friends and family to spend time with and visit with on the phone for Christmas.

Personally, those are the best gifts of all.

Merry Christmas Eve to everyone!
Tags: family, holidays
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