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Rewrites . . .

Been a busy several days since my last post. I knew I needed to have the next chapter of Shattered Mirror done by this evening since we were meeting April and her family for dinner tonight before they took off to see family over the Christmas holidays. However, when I reopened the chapter last Tuesday, I really hated what I'd written. So, I basically shelved everything I'd done and started the chapter over. 4309 words later, I was able to have the finished chapter ready to go.

I think it's a lot stronger now, but I was really sweating it out this afternoon. I took today off from work and was going to use the day to finish everything up before we had to drive to Virginia for the dinner with April and sorerutenshi and mollymorrison (who're celebrating their first Christmas as a married couple - *cue songbirds*). However, the cats found me irresistible this afternoon. As soon as I evicted one furry interloper, one of the others was demanding time in my lap, or on my shoulders or directly in front of the laptop. It felt a lot like trying to write while navigating a gauntlet of fur. What should have only been a couple hours typing wound up taking almost five. *aarrgghh!*

Still, all ended well. The chapter is done, the dinner was very nice, Christmas presents were exchanged and I'm giving myself the rest of the evening off before starting back on Childhood's Tears tomorrow.

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